A 75th Birthday Surprise to Vegas

This year for my mom’s 75th birthday, her girlfriends wanted to surprise her with a trip to Vegas. The big kicker was that my sister and I were also flying in from Indiana. We had booked our flights in early December, knowing my family would be visiting my parents in Phoenix at Christmas, and my sister was visiting a few weeks later in January, it was difficult to keep the surprise of seeing her again in February. My mom isn’t the easiest person to keep secrets from!

It began with a poem at their neighborhood Valentine’s Day party. This drove my mom crazy!! She called both of us the next day freaking out about what to pack, she had no idea where she was going. We were cracking up! Did I mention that she doesn’t like surprises?

Mom receiving her first clue about the trip.

My sister picked me up at 4:45 a.m. to head to the airport. We were bursting with excitement because we were so close to pulling it off! Our flight was arriving just 1/2 hour before their flight was to land so we rushed to their gate to capture the moment she deplaned.

Pardon the Squeals!

The Grandview at Las Vegas

We had two condos at The Grandview at Las Vegas. This was a great accommodation for our large party. The condos were connected by a small entryway so both of our doors could be left open. Both units came with fully stocked kitchens, and the staff was very prompt and friendly when we needed a few extra blankets and towels.

Surprise breakfast before hitting the town on day 2.
Mom and her bestie the party planner, Claudia.

My mom has the best girlfriends! It reminds me to cultivate my relationships with those I love and make sure to always have “girl-time”. The friendships we develop are those that will carry us into our golden years. It’s a unique bond that just isn’t the same as with a spouse or child.

Wynn Hotel

Wynn Hotel lobby

My sister and I aren’t much of gamblers. We walked around the large hotels to admire the amazing display of flowers and decor. Can you imagine how long it took to do this? Every place we looked we were in awe!

made completely from flowers
Chandeliers at the Wynn

Lotus Fountain at the Wynn

Of course, we could never afford these shops, but it’s fun to pretend! In all honesty, the extravagance and opulence can be overwhelming.

Wynn shopping

Palazzo and Venetian

Sister Selfie!
waterfall in the Palazzo

There were lots of performers that were entertaining in the Palazzo and Venetian, from opera singers to “statues”. They were so fun! There really is so much noise and activity going on all the time.

opera singers in the Palazzo
real-life “statue” in the Venetian

Cosmopolitan and Bellagio

Our next stops were to the Cosmopolitan and Bellagio Hotels. We chose to valet park at all of our stops to make parking easier. Las Vegas was having the coldest temperatures on record and it even snowed! We weren’t about to walk on the strip.

“If the shoe fits…” – at the Cosmopolitan
The massive chandelier at the Cosmopolitan, the picture doesn’t do it justice!

With my sister and I being the “youngsters” of the group, we couldn’t keep up with these ladies. We were sound asleep by 10:00 p.m. every night and they didn’t come in until after midnight!

at the Bellagio

We were visiting during the Chinese New Year, year of the pig, so there were pig decorations everywhere! It was quite cute, even if we don’t celebrate the same. The Bellagio is a beautiful hotel that is known for the fountains out front, because of the cold and wind, they weren’t operating so I didn’t get a picture. This crystal horse and colored glass ceiling were magnificant!

crystal horse and glass ceiling

We had an incredible time celebrating my mom’s birthday. I cherish the time I get to spend with her since we live so far apart. Now I’m headed back home with her to Phoenix to relax after our whirlwind trip before heading to cold Indiana. Who knows? We may have to make this an annual trip!

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