Reunions and Homecoming

My husband had his 30-year class reunion last weekend, it was also Homecoming. For us, it wasn’t really an option whether or not we would attend. We both graduated from the same high school, still live in the same town, and have attended (or were on the planning committee) all of our previous class reunions.  The age of Facebook has somewhat diminished class reunions because it seems to be easier to know what’s going on in former classmates lives, or is it? Here are a few reasons we like attending our class reunions.

Wall posts aren’t the same as conversations

Some people like to either put on a perfect front for social media, or debate politics, which promptly gets the block button from me.  You can’t really get to know someone via Facebook, so my husband went into the weekend festivities with the goal of talking with people he didn’t really know in school.

Friday night was the football game, and his graduating class had their own section of bleachers in the end zone. To be honest, I didn’t watch a single play of the game because it was too fun to chat with all of the former “Millers” that I hadn’t seen in years. Since I was only two years behind, I also knew many that were at the game. We went to a local tavern at halftime to mingle and have a good time.  This was so much fun! The tavern has been a staple in the community since 1945 and is always the place to see someone you know.

Everyone looks older

Ten years ago, at my husband’s 20th class reunion, he started running, lost a bunch of weight and wanted to look his best before his reunion. This year he just went…as is. We are at an age that it isn’t important to try to impress others and to just be real. Besides, aren’t I the only one he should strive to impress? ha, ha! A classmate of his had written in their private group page that her weight is a reason she didn’t attend their 20th, but she would be attending the 30th. It’s nice that as we age, we can let go of insecurities that keep us from enjoying ourselves.

Yes, some of us carry around a little extra weight, some have gray hair or no hair, some have more wrinkles, but it’s the relationships we build that matter.  It was nice to talk with people from different walks of life. Yes, there were a few that I could tell had colorful lives different from my own, but it’s important to step out of comfort zones to gain perspective outside our little circle.

We’re not that different

I was pleasantly surprised by how many classmates are very open about their faith, many had the same fears about kids going to college, or kids beginning their adult lives, or growing older themselves. Many had the similar ideas about retirement, downsizing, or simplifying. Many had been through the trauma of losing a spouse, divorce, infertility, or the death of a child. There seemed to be a common thread of those that want to share their experiences. When you get behind the older shell of the exterior, we aren’t that different.

Thank God I’m not yet a grandma!!

I talked with several attendees that are already grandparents and every single one said that being a grandparent is so much more fun than raising your own kids, but to me, I don’t feel old enough for that yet. I’m still trying to get my kids through college, and it still shocks me that I am old enough to HAVE college kids!  I know that within the next several years, I will get to experience my boy’s weddings and the joys of grandchildren, but for now, I’ll just enjoy this stage of life.




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