When Perfectionism Makes You Frozen

I’m giving you the heads up, right now, this post isn’t going to be perfect. I will probably have many grammatical errors, random thoughts, and it may not make sense to any of you, but this post is me getting unstuck!

I haven’t done much with my blog in the last year. I have been frozen! It’s in my nature to freeze up if I don’t think I am doing something perfectly. I had been so caught up with making sure I find just the right picture, creating a post that gives readers instructions, or wisdom, or just the right a-ha moment that I lost focus on why I started my blog to begin with. I initially wanted to share my experiences and growth with navigating through empty-nest years with a little bit of cooking, gardening, home improvement, and travel mixed in. So, here I go again! This time with the right focus. Some of my posts may be ramblings, some may be what God is teaching me in that particular life moment, and some may actually be useful for learning about something new. But all of my posts moving forward with be authentically me.

With the last few months spent shutdown in a world pandemic, it has given me much quiet time to reflect and listen to where God is leading me. I have under two months until I am officially an empty-nester, and I am re-evaluating the direction this next chapter of life leads. What brings me joy?! So I thank you for those that have asked if I am still blogging, I thank those that stuck it out with me and walked this past year with me, and those that also share what God is doing in your life. I appreciate you! I am going to just speak (or write) my mind, and hopefully it will make sense to some and help others. Much Love to YOU!

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