Why I gave up trying to lose weight

I am sick and tired of trying to lose weight!! It seems like I have spent over twenty years trying to lose weight.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! Sick, tired, sick, tired, sick, tired! It has to STOP!! I finally have decided to stop focusing on the scale, stop focusing on the label size, stop focusing on what I can’t eat, and start focusing on feeling my best self, start focusing on the new activities I can do, start focusing on feeding my body and soul what God has given me. 

I just turned a year older. Instead of the dread of a passing birthday, I am super excited for what this year holds. You see, I wrote that first paragraph over two months ago. I had been going to the gym consistently for about a month and I finally had enough.  I was at the end of my rope of feeling unhealthy, and thus began my journey towards better health.  Let me fill you in on what it is looking like.

Ha, Ha!! I can’t believe I shared this picture! But this is me in the Bod Pod. It’s a machine that measures my total weight, body fat percentage and fat free mass (organs, blood, bone, water, and connective tissue). It also measures thoracic gas volume, resting metabolic rate and total energy expenditure to calculate my daily caloric need. What does this amount of information mean? Even though I am far from where I want to be, I wanted to have an accurate starting point to assess my goals. It is a program that my local hospital offers, and I was able to talk with a registered dietician to go over the results. It was very enlightening and I have finally decided to make getting healthy my priority.

Move Your Body

Last fall, I decided to rejoin a gym with a pool because I love water aerobics. Water aerobics is easy on joints, fun, a great cardio workout, and I don’t realize how much work I am doing until the next day when I’m sore. This is especially important because many exercises can cause my fibromyalgia to flare up, but with my AquaFit class, I feel great!! Here’s a fun video, and no, I’m not compensated by LA Fitness.

Once I got in the swing of water aerobics, I have added strength training and yoga. Strength training is good for bone density and to help prevent muscle loss which is especially important as I near menopause. Yoga helps maintain flexibility and mental clarity. Just like the saying goes, “A body in motion, tends to stay in motion”. I make it a point to go to the gym 4-5 days a week. I block out my calendar to make the time. I have paid for many gym memberships in the past that didn’t get used, but for some reason, this time it’s working. I think the switch has finally been flipped!!

Eat Healthy Foods

A few weeks before Christmas, I joined Weight Watchers, now known as WW. Again, this is a program I have done in years past, as well as many other diets that I’ve failed. WW has revamped their program to focus on a healthy lifestyle instead of “dieting”. I have always enjoyed cooking but I worried about whether or not the kids would eat it. Now that they are adults but still living at home, I find that I am cooking healthy for my husband and me. If they want dinner, they can eat it; if not, they are fully capable of fixing themselves something to eat.

I have focused on cutting out added sugar, cramming in the vegetables at each meal, and watching portion sizes. I have also started measuring the amount of water I drink in a day. I have a two-quart pitcher that I use to fill my stainless steel cup full of ice, and a straw is a MUST, it keeps me sipping all day.

I’m not into depriving myself. I still go out to dinner for special occasions, and even get dessert! Again, I’m not on a diet, just making healthier choices. I can’t explain how much better I feel. I’m sure I will be sharing my favorite recipes in future posts, but here’s a preview.

Barbacoa beef bowl


Before beginning this journey, I prayed that God would give me the motivation and determination to accomplish my goal. I have full confidence He will. However, I know that I need to put in work as well. Here are some key tips that have helped me.

  • Get an accountability partner- it has helped me having my husband go through this process with me. We are going to Alaska in June, and I want to lose 20 lbs in 20 weeks. This is a totally attainable goal and reasonable timeframe to lose the weight. We plan on hiking during our trip, and I don’t want any physical limitations to keep me from enjoying this trip. Our Alaska trip has been my “WHY” to get the journey started.
  • Join challenge groups/use a tracker- I am involved with a couple of different challenge groups on Facebook such as eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, etc. It helps to motivate one another. I also purchased an Apple Watch to keep track of my goals.
  • Keep visual reminders- I have a few different visuals at home but one that speaks to my soul is my rocks in the clay pot. I put the amount of weight I want to lose in the pot, and as I lose a pound I move it to the glass jar.
Faith can move mountains!

This is my journey thus far. I have a long way to go, but if I break it up into daily goals, and only look as the small goals, I’m sure I can succeed with the big goals. I would love to hear about the healthy choices you are making. What are some of the tips that have worked for you?

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  • Love this. Getting healthy is great. Getting your body moving, on top of eating right, will make a huge difference. It’s wonderful that your husband is joining you on this and will keep you accountable. That makes a world of difference.

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